Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Crazy Time

Crazy Time

Get ready for a whirlwind of fun with Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming, a unique casino game that’s revamping the classic prize wheel experience. It’s a blend of nostalgia and modern gaming, a perfect choice for Filipino players looking for fun and interactive online casino experiences.

Features of the Game

Crazy Time really stands out with its mix of old-school wheel spinning and cool new bonuses. It’s fair, giving everyone an equal chance to win in each section. What makes it super fun are the extras like the Top Slot multiplier and four different bonus games, making every spin exciting. Plus, with a 95.4% chance of winning something back and bets from just £0.10, it’s perfect for long gaming sessions, especially for players in the Philippines who love a good casino game without risking too much.

How to Play the Game

Playing Crazy Time is easy and fun: The game centers around a big wheel with 54 sections, featuring numbers and exciting bonus games. You place your bets on these sections and if the wheel stops on your pick, you win that amount. Betting on bonus games means you get to play them for bigger prizes if the wheel lands there. The game’s special, the Top Slot Multiplier, adds extra multipliers to random sections, giving you a chance to win even more each round. So, every spin is full of surprises and potential big wins. But wait there’s more, visit our promotions to increase the chance of your winnings. Play now!

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