Ghost Ship by RTG Slots

RTG Ghost Ship slot game

Ghost Ship slot

Feel the sea’s pulse as you spin those reels—it’s not just a game; it’s a voyage into the unknown. With cannons roaring and ghostly pirates arising to claim your treasure, danger lurks around every corner. The numbers themselves add an eerie element to the adventure. Be cautious when encountering the mysterious Ghost Captain Wild symbol. Imagine this: you grab a chunk of his treasure, and he unleashes a barrage, shooting straight at your screen. Get ready for an exciting sea adventure of a gaming experience that goes beyond spins and wins!

Features of the Game

The horrific features of the game are enhanced by the menacing symbols and the terrifying Ghost Captain, complemented by blazing cannons, ringing bells, and ghostly pirates. With a 5 x 3 grid, 25 pay lines, and highly sought-after Ghost Ship symbols that unlock free games and contribute to an expanding jackpot, navigating the haunted seas in this online slot by RTG Slots is made simple. The fearsome Ghost Captain, a wild symbol who not only fills in for others but also brings the screen to life when he claims a piece of his treasure, is at the center of the action. Players are kept on edge as they chase the jackpot in this RTG slot, with ghoulish ship icons, statues, and treasure chests that dance across the reels to a tension-building soundtrack reminiscent of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

How to Play the Game

In this RTG online slot game, select your preferred pay lines and look out for the terrifying Ghost Captain, whose appearances have the power to multiply your wins and unlock extra games. Ghost Ship guarantees a smooth and exciting gaming experience for both experienced players and beginners with its user-friendly controls and appealing interface. Additionally, to improve your voyage across the haunted seas, take advantage of our exclusive promotions

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