Super Marble by BNG Slots

BNG Super Marble slot game

Super Marble Slot

Hi there, player! With great pleasure, BNG Slots presents Super Marble. Get ready for an incredible ride! This online slot game is a game-changer, but it’s also a game booster thanks to its timeless style, incredible gameplay, and potentially huge winnings. Start your adventure today!

Features of the Game

Picture this amazing slot machine, Super Marble! It has a 25-line 3×5 reel that gives you that timeless feel that we all love. Let me tell you the facts on Super Marble: it’s not your typical game; it has this neat Hold and Win feature that makes it much more enjoyable to play. When six or more Marble Symbols are hit, whoa! With the Bonus Game, you’re in for a wild ride because these symbols stick around and award you with wins as well as three extra spins. Introducing the Super Marble feature. It adheres to the board, captures every value on the reels, and then—bam! Extra points and a rush of adrenaline. Super Marble is all about winning big time, not just having a great time.

How to Play the Game

Now that the excitement is building up, let’s talk about how easy it is to dive into the Super Marble world. First things first, keep an eye out for those Marble Symbols – 6 or more of them will whisk you away into the Bonus Game. Once you’re in the Bonus Game, watch as the Bonus symbols stick to the reels, and each new symbol not only brings you wins but also extends the adventure with 3 additional respins. Your goal? Collect all 15 symbols of any type to unlock the incredible x1000 GRAND JACKPOT! But before that, visit our promotions page to learn more about our exclusive casino bonuses!

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